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SEO – What is it? Why do I need it? Who needs it most?

search engine optimization

What is SEO?

SEO & Local SEO are vital ingredients for a small business to get any level of long lasting success online.

Search engine optimisation (SEO), is a digital marketing strategy. It gets your business found easier on the internet.  It is a key strategy that will help your website rank higher on the first page of Google within the organic results.

All search engines have an algorithm or ranking system. These systems prioritise the order of link and websites. This is based on keywords or phrases entered when someone uses search.

These algorithm’s can be influenced by a variety of factors. Most of which, can be positively affected by undertaking and performing SEO on your site.

Why do I need SEO?

It is likely that your business can be found in a variety of ways depending on what people search for.   If they type your actual business name. It is almost certain, you will be the first link they see. 

However, when people type in specifics around a product or service. It is likely there will be a number of other businesses, who might appear before you see your website or other mentions of your business.

By working on the content around keywords and updating your website regularly. This will help Google, (and others) to rank you higher. You will then move up in the organic listings when people search for these terms, keywords or phrases.

8 out 10 searches on the internet end with people clicking on the organic search results. This is the fundamental reason why businesses should make an effort with their websites. It pays to be on the first page of the listings on any search engine.


Who needs SEO the most?

Start ups

As a new or start up business, you are already at a disadvantage compared to your competition.  The internet is a very loud and noisy place, and you won’t have enough online reputation or recognition to cut through the noise. SEO can help.

Online services

Any business that provides an online service, is a SaaS company or an e-commerce business. As one of these businesses, you will need to have strong SEO for your site and products.  Search engines are your primary source of traffic. High rankings will give consumers not only a high level of trust of where to buy or what companies to engage with. They also more likely to make an online purchase.

Local companies/Self-employed/sole Traders

If you provide a service or are a business serving a small area. Having a website and appearing higher up in search is essential.  Appearing higher up in search gives you credibility. It also gives your potential customers confidence in choosing your business.

As a local service provider or businesses, there is a double benefit for you.  Local businesses now get two bites of the cherry after the Google local update.  Now, they appear in the map section as well as the organic listings.

All businesses can benefit from good

These are the three key business types that can really benefit from SEO. However, the reality is that all businesses, in all sectors benefit from SEO.

SEO, should be undertaken as part of an ongoing marketing plan. This can help the business to be found easier in search engine results and more importantly for terms and phrases that are relevant to that business.  This will help you find the right enquiries and ultimately more of them.

SEO is an ongoing tactic that should be used with a long term view in mind, and a programme that is ongoing.  The benefits of doing this with a marketing professional is that it is trackable and results can be shown on a month by month basis so you can see real improvements.

For smaller businesses, a full SEO package might be too expensive.  However Local SEO is much cheaper and can provide real tangible results to those targeting more concise geographical areas.


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